Surin Elephant Round Up

Organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand since 1960, the Surin ElephantRound Up is a popular festival with international visitors. More than 300elephants take part in the program, which includes a parade and welcomingceremony, a re-enactment of the "Capture of Wild Elephants," and an elephantbanquet, as well as regional cultural presentations and folk performanceshighlighting the traditions of Surin.
The Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village in Surin Province is the home of the Kui, who,for centuries, have tended to and trained elephants for use throughoutThailand. The majority of elephant owners and mahouts in Thailand today aredescendants of this "Kui" tribe (or "Suay" in Thai). In Thailand, elephants aretreated as part of the 'family' and the everyday life of the Thai elephant andits keeper is the central theme of this world-famous festival.
More Information:http://www.tatnews.org/events/events/2007/nov/3205.asp

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