About Hands Bangkok Countdown 2008

Bidding farewell to the old year while greeting New Year is a festive practice significantly embraced by people around the world as it’s the last biggest event of the year that leads to a fresh beginning. Hands Bangkok Countdown 2008 is designed to be an international symbol of the celebrations for Thais and visitors. Bangkok is a center of tourism in Southeast Asia, full of lively attractions and facilities for tourists.
Hands Bangkok Countdown 2008 is a brainchild of joint-cooperation between public and private organizations which have seen the potential of Thailand’s Bangkok to serve as a significant destination for tourists during the festive season. Business operations with different backgrounds joined forces to initiate the largest countdown event for residents in Bangkok before it has been expanded to become an international event that targets tourists in ASEAN region: Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. The visitors will be invited to experience a new cultural celebration by joining hands together with the countdown in the Hands By Heart Moment.
The event’s venue is located in the heart of Bangkok’s downtown and shopping streets surrounded by leading department stores and convenient transportation systems and facilities set to serve mass population to join the event.
Landmark of the event is a gigantic structure, “The Greeting Ball Tower”, which serves as the symbol of celebrations. The tower will be installed in December every year. It’s equipped with special effects to create spectacular moments. Activities by arts and entertainment studios are prepared on a large-scale stage, making it a truly feast of celebrations to support tourism spending for the year-end.More information : http://www.handsbangkokcountdown.com

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