Global Mala Samui 2008

Global Mala Samui 2008A Community Festival for a Clean and Green SamuiSeptember 21st is the United Nations International Day of Peace and organizations across the globe will hold fund and awareness-raising celebrations for the most essential issues of our times: environment, health and human rights. This is called the Global Mala Project.The Global Mala was an event intended to raise consciousness and raise funds for environmental issues on Samui.
Last year the event incurred few costs, with most businesses and individuals donating either time, money or prizes. With these funds the Mala team have mainly supported pilot educational projects. Global Mala has supported Khun Diaw (Cholnachakorn Anumart), who some of you may know from BioRock, who has also created a group called ‘The Seedling Club’ as she is out ‘seeding’ young minds about the environment, and hoping tall strong green supporters will grow from it! Diaw’s approach is to use fun activities, but with serious intent.
We have called these activities ‘pilot projects’ because they are trial runs – we are trying to see which activities yield the most in terms of awareness and real benefits. Our hope is that this knowledge can be applied to include more children in the future if more funds are raised in the future.
For more information, please contact : www.globalmalasamui.org

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