World Comedy Film Festival 2009

Fact SheetTitle : World Comedy Film Festival 2009Concept : Laughter’s Beyond FrontiersTime frame : April 23-29, 2009Venues : Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon and SF World Cinema, Central WorldObjectives : 1. Improving the image of the country after the political, economic, and social crisis of the past two years.2. Regaining the confidence of foreign tourists and investors.3. Bringing in income during the time of recession.4. Creating an atmosphere of harmony and reducing tension among the people.Target Groups and Beneficiarie:1. Foreign tourists.2. Foreign investors and film industry operators: Fortifying the country‘s strength as an investment and production base.3. Thai people: Increasing consumer spending and stimulating the economy.Main Activities: 1. Opening Ceremony Welcoming guests from various foreign film industries, beginning with a fancy parade of local comedians dressed as the world’s well - known comedians and characters.2. Closing Ceremony A gala night for comedians and festival participants, joining to pay tribute to one of the world’s renowned film comedians with an honorary award for his or her contribution to the art and world of comedy.3. Film Screenings 55 films in total.
Scope and Contents:1. The screenings of comedy films from all over the world. Tentative program includes twenty films from Asian countries; such as, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka and Syria, twenty films from Europe, America and Africa, ten Thai classic and contemporary films, and some internationally regarded shorts. The goal is to bring together highly successful comedy films, directors and actors with a special focus on Asian cinema.2. There are seven comedy film festivals existing internationally. This is the first one to be held in Asia. 3. This is the first time the Comedian Association, the Federation of National Film Associations, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand co-operate together to showcase the local prowess of comedy acts in films and other kinds of media.Expected Results: 1. Atmosphere of fun and pleasant feelings between the Thai people and foreigners touring the country.2. Consumer spending with more jobs and income for those involved in the film industry and tourism generated from having 1,000 expected participants, film industry operators, and the press from various parts of the world, joining the festival.Organizers: 1. The Federation of National Film Associations of Thailand2. Tourism Authority of Thailand

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