Nong Khai Ok Phansa and Naga Fireball Festival in Thailand

October 23, 2010 - October 24, 2010

-->Be excited with the world’s only phenomenon of shooting fireballs from the Mekong River. Join in paying homage to the Chedi in the river, Theworohana alms offering ceremony, light and sound presentation “Opening the Legend of the Naga Rockets”, sales of food and local products, competition of the float to worship the Naga, wax castle contest of communities around Wat Hai Sok in which the offerings are then presented to the Goddess Song Nang. Enjoy viewing the Royal Trophy procession, giant Krathong contest in front of Wat Siri Maha Katchai, end of Buddhist Lent traditional long boat races, cheer squad competition, and ancient traditional long boat races.

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