Dok Khun Siang Khaen Festival and Sticky...

Dok Khun Siang Khaen Festival and Sticky Rice Street
Date : 13-15 April 2008
Venue : Area of Bueng Kan Nakhon and Si Chan Road, Khon Kaen
Activities : A procession of floral carts, I san food contest, Khon Kaen local food festival, a parade for bathing Buddha for blessing , paying homage to elderly and local cultural entertainment.Hi-Light : 14 April 2008 at 10.00 hrs. a procession of Koon flower carts and splashing water around Si Chan road ( Khao Niao road).
Further information : Khon Kaen Municipality Tel: 0 4322 4032, 0 4322 4029 ext. 1504 TAT Northeastern Region Office, Region 3 Tel: 0 4324 4498-9Website : www.tourismthailand.org www.songkran.net

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