Sari New Year Festival of Chiang Mai cit...

Sari New Year Festival of Chiang Mai city, Chiang Mai Date : 12-15 April 2008
Venue : All around in Chiangmai city, Chiangmai province
Activities : A procession and bathing of the Phra Phuttasihing, paying homage to elderly, local traditional shows and local artistic game demonstration , splashing water around the city ditch, walking street and all international food.
Hi-Light : 12 April 2008, at 7.00 hrs. in Royal Flora Garden (Ratchaphruek), there is a piling rice to 99 monks and grand opening Songkran festival by the Minister of Tourism and Sport Ministry. 13 April 2008, at 14.00 hrs. a procession and bathing of the Phra Phuttasihing and Miss Songkran parade from Naowarat bridge to Wat Phra Sing. 14 April 2008, at 16.00 hrs. a parade of sand-carrying back to temple & Mai Kham Sari from Saphan Lek (Iron bridge) to the temple on Tha Phae Street. 15 April 2008, 13.30 hrs. a parade of paying homage for Chiang Mai Governor from Three Kings monument to the Governor’s Office.
Further information : Chiang Mai Municipality Tel: 0 5325 9000 TAT Northern Region Office, Region 1 (Chiang Mai) Tel: 0 5324 8604, 0 5324 8607Website : www.songkran.net www.tourismthailand.org

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