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GREETINGTo be able to greet people you meet is ofcourse the first step in a conversation.
sawat-dee means "hello" but is also used to say "goodbye". A more strict wat of saying goodbye is:
lagaan = goodbye
This is usually followed by a word used to show politeness, a word you will hear all the time in Thailand since it's the most common of all.It's slightly different between men and women: sawat-dee kaa is used by women
sawatt-dee krap is used by men .This greeting is often accompanied by a gesture called "wai". (right picture above)
Kaa/krap, actually meaning "yes" is also used frequently in other contexts.You will often hear it ending a sentence but also as a confirmation from someone listening to say: "Yes, I follow". A man who wants to be really polite answers with:
krap phom litterally meaning "Yes, I" This expression is often heard from someone talking to his boss or anyone else held in high regard.