Supaksorn will doing One’s Best for Opening – Closing Ceremony of SEA Games - Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr. Supawat Jongsiri or “Supaksorn”, the responsible man of the Opening – Closing of the 24th SEA Games 2007, reveals the progress of preparation that presently we will speed up working against time because had a few days before starting the competition at this period the Com Art Limited, went to schools in Nakhon Ratchasima province to choose 15,000 performers join in the Opening-Closing ceremony and we had the performers from 38 institutes to joining too.
He expected the choosing of performer will completed on this October and next will already starting practice on November 1 2007, then will using real location which is His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Sport Complex to practice on December 1 2007. For the grand rehearsal on December 4 2007, he said that from the primary schedule, the Organizing Committee of the 24th SEA Games 2007, will have the selling of the ticket on the grand rehearsal day on December 4 2007, which same day as Thai football team compete with Cambodia so may be change the grand rehearse day to December 3 2007, and he will rush to discuss this issue in the main meeting on October 26 2007. “I’m very serious because had a few time and must work for all day all night to prepared everything but I’m happy that we got the great cooperation from Korat citizens and every schools. I want to make impressive and beautiful show because I had organized the opening-closing ceremony for the 18th SEA Games at 12 years ago, so presently I’m come back to do again in the 24th SEA Games so I would like to do the best and this SEA Games will be the last for me because in the next 12 years in the future, I’m already out of date” Mr. Supawat said.Supaksorn said about the song for the opening-closing ceremony of the 24th SEA Games 2007, assigned to Tick Chiro (Mr. Sirisak Nuntasen), the famous singer and songwriter which he is a Korat citizen, to managing the song. For the singer in the opening ceremony we already sound out Tata Young to sing this song which we already send the details of any show for her decision. We expected Tata will response in next week and about torch relay team now we choose Mr. Suriya Prasathinpimai, the boxer who won the bronze medal in Olympic Games 2004 at Greece, and “Nong On” Miss Udomporn Polsak, the women’s weightlifting who won the gold medal in Olympic Games 2004 at Greece, which both is a Korat citizens too. For the opening ceremony of the 24th SEA Games 2007, will have 8 shows, first show was Mahassajan Tairomprabaramee, Mahassajan PathapeeakeE-san, Mahassajan Mahanakornchatchawan, Mahassajan Panithankarnkeela, Mahassajan Faiprareaksangsit, Mahassajan Namjaijit Sathidka, Mahassajan Mittraparbtrabdinfa, Mahassajan Mahanakornalungkarn. For the closing ceremony of the 24th SEA Games 2007, will have 7 shows as followsNiramit Dok-mai-ngam-hang-num-jai, Niramit Sai-yai-hang-kwam-fun, Niramit Mo-ra-dok-loke-rueng-a-nun, Niramit Kwam-pook-pan-wan-jak-krai, Niramit Fai-dao-prow-kwam-wang, Niramit Loke-gee-rung-dung-fun-fai, Niramit Kwam-sook-lum-roj-um-pai-plaeng-pla-kod-kwam-ying-yai-ma-ha-na-korn.
SEA Games’ Football Team prepare to go to Korat Mr. Kittirut Na Ranong, the Manager of Thailand Football Team, reveal that Thailand Men Football Team prepared to compete in the 24th SEA Games at Nakhon Ratchasima, which Football will compete on November 30 2007 with Cambodia. Recently, he went to investigate the His Majesty the King 80th Birthday Anniversary Sport Complex December 5 2007, which using for men football competition, he found that it’s being good state and he think he will led SEA Games National Team to training with real stadium to making familiarity between November 3-7 2007 among National Team will compete world championship 2010 in the 2nd qualify round of Asia Zone. For Men Football competition in the 24th SEA Games 2007, Thailand team which the champions for 7 times, was being in group A with Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia. Group B were Vietnam (2nd runner-up) together with Malaysia, Lao and Singapore.
Source from Dailynews Newspaper Date: October 24 2007.

Opening – Closing’s Ticket of SEA Games between 600-1,500 Baht - Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr. Bancha Pimsomboon, the director of Sport Authority of Thailand at Nakhon Ratchasima and acting the Secretary of Organizing Committee of the 24th SEA Games 2007, reveals that the Organizing Committee informed to coordinate center of the 24th SEA Games about the price of ticket for the opening ceremony of the 24th SEA Games 2007 on December 6 2007 at His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Sport Complex from 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm and the closing ceremony on December 15 2007 and all sports already assigned which will start the selling from October 27 2007.
At coordinate center and government agencies in Nakhon Ratchasima, which the price of ticket as follows opening – closing ceremony ticket were 1,500 baht , 1,000 baht and 600 baht and the stadium had contain of 21,659 seats and we must separate around 5,000-6,000 seats for VIP guests. Ticket of any sports are as follows Athletes 50 Baht for all rounds, Swimming 100 baht per seat and 40 baht per cement seat, Badminton 20 baht except in final round 150 baht, Basketball 100 baht except in final round 150 baht, Snooker 100 Baht, Boxing 20 or 50 Baht, Sepak Takraw 100 Baht except in final round 150 Baht, Shooting 50 Baht, Taekwondo 50 Baht, Tennis 50 Baht for all round. Indoor Volleyball 150 Baht per seat and 40 or 100 Baht per cement seat, Beach Volleyball 100 Baht except in final round 150 Baht, weightlifting 50 Baht, Gymnastic 100 Baht per seat and 40 Baht per cement seat, Futsal 20,50 and 100 Baht, Muaythai 20,50 and 100 Baht, Dance Sport 150 Baht, Football 50,100,200,300,400 and 600 Baht. For 28 sports will open free watching which as follows Archery, Baseball, Bowling, Canoeing, Rowing, Cycling, Equestrian, Polo, Fencing, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Karatedo, Rugby Football, Squash, Sailing-Windsurfing, Skeet and Trap Shooting, Softball, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Wrestling, Wushu, Bodybuilding, Lawn Bowls, Petanque, Pencak Silat and Traditional Boat Race. For the students who wearing the uniform to watch the competition, will pay only 20 baht so which academy that teacher lead the student group to watch the competition, they can contact at coordination center of the 24th SEA Games, will get free charge, Mr. Bancha said. Dr. Sakchai Tapsuwan, the Chairman of Sports Technical Department in the Organizing Committee of the 24th SEA Games 2007, reveal that they investigated the venues after the flood became lower which the stadiums not damage until to improvement so he assured all training and competition venues will completed for system testing on November 15 2007. "I already informed to every sport association and some associations was response to testing the system which I assured all venues will complete within November 15 2007” the Chairman of Sports Technical Department said.
Source from Matichon Newspaper Date: October 24 2007

Invite to Join the SEA Games Day on this Sunday at Indoor Stadium Hua Mak

Invite the people to join the SEA Games Day, on Sunday 28th October 2007 at Indoor Stadium, Hua Mak, which provide SEA Games’ souvenirs more than 1,500 pieces for the persons who jointly play the game including watching the Best Cheering Team Championship Cup from Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.
Public Relations Committee of the 24th SEA Games 2007, will organize the SEA Games Day on October 28 2007, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm at Indoor Stadium Hua Mak, in order to invite all Thai peoples jointly for being the host of the 24th SEA Games 2007, in which provide many activities such as the duplication of sport park which had many playthings for example highest hike game, Powerful Athletes, Sport Intelligent, SEA Games Kang Thong, Pro Golf SEA Games, SEA Games Painting, include taking photograph with Nong Can and Nong Ka Rom that blowing of 3 meters, other than will distribute the Sea Games souvenirs such as Nong Can mascot, rocking doll, SEA Games T-shirt, Telephone Floppy and Caps more than 1,500 pieces with athletes’ signature to persons who jointly play the answer questions of SEA Games. At 2.00 pm. It will have announcement of the readiness of the 24th SEA Games from 19 committees and watch the Best Cheering Team Contest of SEA Games 2007, compete for a cup of Princess Siriwanawaree Nareeratana, and compete for a scholarship more than 200,000 baht, 4.30 pm. at Indoor Stadium. Besides, the official sponsors of the 24th SEA Games, will set up a booth to selling the SEA Games’ souvenirs with a special price such as Thai Pure Drinks Limited, Chaiyaphan 999 Limited, Kanoknat Limited and Dash International Limited, so in the SEA Games Day, the visitors can attend for free.
Source from Government Public Relations Department Date: October 24 2007