The 24th ASEAN Barred Ground Dove Festival

The 24th ASEAN Barred Ground Dove FestivalDate : 7 - 8 March 2008Venue : Khwan Mueang Park, Mueang District, Yala
Thais have long believed that doves are creatures which bring good luck to those who rare them. They are also regarded as symbols of purity and peach. Those with qualities specified by ancient texts are believed to bestow great wealth and honor upon their owners. The ASEAN Barred Ground Dove Festival attracts dove-lovers from the southern part of Thailand as well as from neighboring countries. The major highlight is a dove-cooing and red-whiskered bulbul singing competition. Local products are on sale as well.
Contact : TAT Narathiwat Office, Tel. 66 (0) 7351 6144, 7352 2411Yala Municipality Office, Tel. 66 (0) 7321 4898

Thai Elephant Week

Thai Elephant WeekDate : 12 March 2009Venue : Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, Lampang
Thailand’s most noble beast, the elephant is the star of two important events this month. In the northern province of Lampang, people interested in the welfare and care of these noble animals gather for Thai Elephant Week, 12 March at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre.The scene of documentary films made for worldwide TV audience, the conservation centre, located in Hang Chat district in Lampang province, is a renowned refuge where elephants, both healthy and invalid, can be cared for and respected.In this day visitors can learn from mahouts about the traditions and practices that help to maintain an elephant’s health and well-being. On the lighter side, visitors can also join the mahouts, feeding the elephants in the style of the northern Khantok dinner. Considered an ancient royal tradition adopted by princes and high-ranking officials of the Lanna Kingdom, the Khantok dinner is at the pinnacle of traditional northern cuisine. So what better way to recognise and respect our elephants than to give them a Khantok treatĪ‰
For more informationTAT Chiang Mai Office, Tel 66 (0) 5324 8604, 66 (0) 5324 8607Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, Tel 66 (0) 5424 7979www.thailandelephant.org

King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament

King’s Cup Elephant Polo TournamentDate : 23 - 30 March 2009Venue : Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, Chiang Rai
The 8th King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament takes place, 23 - 30 March, on the playing field of the Anantara Resort, near the Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen district.First held in Hua Hin, the tournament moved north to Chiang Saen two years ago. The event attracts 50 polo players, who represent teams sponsored by companies in Thailand as well as polo clubs in foreign countries. All told, 12 teams compete for the trophy. It requires 18 elephants to travel to the venue from their home pastures in Surin province, in northeast Thailand.Anantara Resort is located on the road that follows one of the tributaries that flows into the Mekong River at the area known as the Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet.It is approximately 80 km north of Chiang Rai. The provincial city is served by both scheduled and low-cost airlines based in Bangkok.
For more informationwww.anantaraelephantpolo.com

Phangan Triathlon 2009

Phangan Triathlon 2009 Date : March 14 -15, 2009Venue (Start/Finish) : Thongsala beach, Koh Phangan, Suratthani, Thailand

Koh Phangan Tourism Promotion association, Koh Tao Tourism Association and Phangan Triathlon Association are hosting the Second Phangan Triathlcn to help build a reputation as attractive triathlon destination. Distances : 1. Duathlon : Run 10 Km. Bike 40 Km. Run 5 Km.2. Triathlon : Swim 1.5 Km. Bike 40 Km. Run 10 Km. 3. Triathlon Team Competition : for three (male and female)4. Triathlon : The age under 15 and Team : Swim 500 M. Bike 15 Km. Run 5 Km. Prize money for the duathlon open category is Bt5,000 and Bt8,000 male open.Triathlon prize money is Bt10,000, except for male open, Bt12,000 and age under 15 Bt5,000.
For more information : http://www.phangantriathlon.com/

Mekong River International Multi-Sport ITU Asian Cup 2009

Mekong River International Multi-Sport ITU Asian Cup 2009Date : 27th - 29th March 2009Venue : Along the Mekong river, Amphoe Mueang Nong Khai, Nong KhaiHightlights :Buddy Bike & RunAquathlon Asian Cup Series 2009Duathlon Asian Cup Series 2009Triathlon ITU Asian Cup 2009Let’s see Thai-Lao Friendship Brideg, OTOP Fair, Food Fair, etc.For More Information :Triathlon Association of Thailand, Tel. 66 (0) 2578 4515, (0) 814 843 335TAT Udon Thani, Tel. 66 (0) 4232 5406-7Events Planning Division,TAT, Tel. 66 (0) 2250 5500 ext. 3475-77TAT Call Center 1672website : http://www.thaitriathlon.org/

5 th World Thai Martial Arts Festival

5 th World Thai Martial Arts FestivalCELEBRATION NAIKHANOM TOM DAY ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE OF THAI MARTIAL ARTS & WORLD MUAYTHAI FEDERATIONWai-Kru Ceremony Muay Boran & Krabi – Krabong SeminarNai Khanomtom Pro/Championships BeltDate: 15th - 17th March 2009, Venue: City of Ayutthaya Stadium, Ayutthaya, Thailand

In Muay Thai, the boxer will always preface the fight with Wai Kru and this tradition is still practised nowadays. This ceremony is usually performed to rousing Thai music from pipes and drums, and with the initial Ram Muay (the boxing movement). The Wai Kru & Ram Muay are useful, since the Boxer gains encouragement from paying homage to his Teachers and feels that he is not on his own: he has his Teacher & the other Teachers of the Muay Thai discipline to support him.

The Wai Kru process will also give him time to concentrate & revise what he has learned, as well as display the nature of his weapons and the high degree of his skill. The steps, movements & use of his weapons are designed to warm up the body’s muscles, survey the field of play & conceal the contestant’s style of fighting. When the traditional Sarama music sounds around the ring it is recognised by all who are present as a symbol of deference & respect. Prior to the fight, the music helps to urge the fighter on, and rouses his spirit until he is ready to face his opponent in the boxing ring in manly combat.
Programs Sunday 15th March 2009 07.00 - 16.00 hr. Seminar of Muay Boran Courses & Krabi Krabong 08.00 - 16.00 hr. Competition of Amateur Muay Thai, Muay Thai Boran and Krabi Krabong 17.30 hr. Introduction to all the Grand Masters and Masters all Ranking of Kru. Oats of respect to all teachers. Present Mongkon and blessing to the new comers. the Fighter for Muaythai ready for the start. 19.30 hr. Welcome Party Monday 16th March 2009 07.00 - 16.00 hr. Seminar of Muay Boran & Krabi Krabong Courses 08.00 - 16.00 hr. Competition of Mae Mai Muay Thai, Amateur Muay Thai, Muay Thai Boran and Krabi Krabong (Semi-Finals) 10.00 - 16.00 hr. Local Thai Sports Show… Muay Thai Boran, Muay Tabchak and fighting cock19.00 - 20.00 hr. Competition of Aerobic Muay Thai Tuesday 17th March 2009 "WORLD MUAYTHAI DAY (NAI KHANOMTOM DAY)" 07.00 hr. For anyone must go to pay respect and holy 10.00 - 15.00 hr. Ceremony at Nai Khanomtom statue. President arrival at the statue Start of the Holy Ceremony The final 3 bout of Amateur, Final Muay Boran, demonstration Presentation of Wai Kru, Mae Mai & Amateur Medals And Special Nai Khanomtom Amateur Local Thai Sports Show… Muay Thai Boran, Muay Tabchak and fighting cock 10.00 - 16.00 hr. Closing Ceremony For More Information : www.ideabar.com/muaythai

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running V

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running VDate : March 21st - 22nd, 2009Venue : Songkhla to Satun
Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running V - Sunset to Sunrise is held for the first time in Thailand. Thailand is comprised with 2 beautiful shores in which the east is part of the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Thailand) and along the western shore is the Indian Ocean (Andaman Sea). The total distance is 136.6 km. From the amount of distance covered in this relay running event with a team of 8 runners, estimating 18 km. per runner, thus, the total session should take about 12 hours. In this case, starting from the eastern shore of Songkhla Province (Pacific Ocean - Gulf of Thailand) by the time sun rises, to the western shore of Satun Province (Indian Ocean - Andaman Sea) after the sun has set. For more informationsVejthani Hospital Tel. 66 2734 - 0390 Ext. 1206 Hatyai Running Club Tel. 66 1959 - 8461 TAT Hatyai Office Tel. 66 7423 1055, 66 7423 8518, 66 7424 3747www.runningthailand.net , www.songkhlatourism.org , www.songkhlatourism.com

4th Phuket Japanese Festival

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office and Phuket Japanese Association will hold “The 4th Phuket Japanese Festival” on the 7th of March 2009 at Queen Sirikit Park in Phuket Town.
As we are one of the parts of Phuket, we would like to provide the opportunity to the local people who is working for the tourism and local students interested in Japan and Japanese people through the Japanese traditional festival which introduce the Japanese culture and foods, and we hope these experiences will help them to be familiar with Japanese tourists.
And also, we hope this festival make Japanese children in Phuket improve their knowledge of Japan.
Due to the economic crisis and the Bangkok Airport closed last year, it is very hard situation for Japanese market. So we hope this festival shows the good news of Phuket through the media to Japan and can be contributed to the tourism as we usually had done in the past.
This festival is supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand (Phuket Office), Japan Embassy in Bangkok, The Japan Foundation, Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, and Japanese Association in Thailand, Fujifilm and Japan Airlines which are our special sponsors.
The highlights of the festival are “Free photo taken with Kimono by Fujifilm” and “JAL Air Ticket to Japan” for the lucky draw.
Also, In order to promote further exchanges between Japan and Mekong Region Countries (Kingdom of Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Union of Myanmar, Kingdom of Thailand, and Socialist Republic of Viet Nam), it was decided at the Japan-Mekong Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in January 2008 to celebrate the year 2009 as "Mekong-Japan Exchange Year." By the government.
In this Japanese festival, it came to co-sponsor with The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, and to screen the movies as a film festival, and it is authorized as one of the events of the Japan - Mekong Exchange Year. Two movies will be shown (“YUKI NI NEGAUKOTO” and “BEAT KIDS”).
The movies will be shown at the Baan Kathu School one day before the festival on March 6, 2009 and it is also one of the promotions for the festival.
We will hold the first speech contest during the festival. We would like to provide the opportunity to the students who are studying Japanese hard, and we hope they use this event for the improved motivation to further studying Japanese.
In others, the Heisei Nozomi no Kai, Japanese acting volunteer group comes from Japan to show the Edo folk craft as same as the last time, and you will enjoy it. And also we will organize Thai Classical Dancing Performance to present Thai Traditional cultural for relationship between Thailand and Japan; such as local Thai dessert.
Additionally, we have much more things at the festival. Lucky draw free ticket and free gift will be distributed, first come and first served basis. We are waiting for many people coming on that day.
More information Contact: TAT Phuket Office Tel. 076 – 212213, 211036 orPhuket Japanese Association Tel. 076 – 234446