Thailand International Guitar Festival 2008

The Bangkok Guitar Society Association organizes “Thailand International Guitar Festival 2008”, on 9-12 October, 2008. We are proudly present you a workshop on how to make guitar classic. The work shop will be run by Mr. Kazuo Sata who is on the top 3 rank in Europe and one of the famous musicians. Moreover, Mr. Kim Hee Hong, the only one in the world in matching modern technology called Nomex to make a guitar is also presence over the festival.
The Thailand International Guitar 2008 competition will also be organized during the festival. There are competitors from more than 10 countries worldwide. Very special programs, the concerts will be presented by several well known musicians from many countries worldwide such as MR.GABRIEL BLANCO from France, Mr. RUBEN ABEL from Spain, Mr. GRIGORY NOVIKOV from RUSSIA, and Mr. NUTAVUT RATANAKARN from Thailand. More importantly, Thailand Guitar Orchestra has been found by students from Silpakorn and Mahidol University which is the first guitar orchestra band in Asia that established by students. A total of 28 students will show their performance on the stage. ScheduleOct 9,200810 A.M.-11:30 A.M. Seminar: “Guitar Maker” by Thai Guitar Maker Society1 P.M. -8 P.M. First competitionOct 10,2008 10 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Seminar By: Kim Hee Hong , Korean Guitar Makerand Kazuo Sato, Japanese Guitar Maker3 P.M.- 6 P.M. Final competitionOct 11,20089A.M.- 1 P.M. Master Class : by Grigory Novikov (Russia) by Gabriel Bianco (France)4 P.M.-8 P.M. Concert Artist :Ruben Abel (Spain), Thailand Guitar Orchestra , Nutavut Ratanakarn , Manoon Ploypradub Oct 12,200811A.M. -1 P.M. Master Class : by Ruben Abel (Spain)4 P.M. - 8 P.M. Concert Artist: Gabriel Bianco (France), Grigory Novikov (Russia) First Prize Winner Thailand International Guitar Competition2008 Chairat and Phonpat Guitar Duo,Danuchate WisaijornFor more detail Address:304/15 Yensuk Village, Ladprao 87, Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310 Tel.:02-932-3552 Fax:02-935-0184 E-mail:heng_og21@yahoo.com website:http://www.thailandguitarfestival.com/

Buffalo Racing

Buffalo Racing

Buffalo Racing
You could be forgiven for thinking that a domesticated buffalo is not built for sprinting, but in Chonburi town, the gateway to resorts along the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, farmers have managed to tweak a turn of speed from these working animals that is nothing short of amazing.
The annual Buffalo races, 13 October, are a hotly contested series of sprints across on an open space in front of the town’s municipal offices.Tourists and the town’s residents turn out for these amazing races that have been featured in the past on CNN and the BBC as a must-see event.
The races are taken very seriously by the owners of the buffaloes. Prizes for the first nose past the finishing line guarantee owners go to considerable lengths to ensure their buffaloes are in tip-top condition. Clouds of dust rise as these hefty animals pound down the short course at an alarming speed, reminiscent of a stampede. The crowd roars in support of the favourites and the atmosphere is as an enthralling as watching thoroughbred race horses.Admittedly, mites slower than a race horse, but the buffaloes are no slouches when it comes to making a short dash for glory.
Although this day of fun and competition would succeed with just the buffaloes as the celebrities, there are other activities to make it a worthwhile outing for families.A fair with food stalls and handicrafts appeals to visitors who love authentic Thai food, snacks and sweets. Then there are the rides for children, concerts of folk music and, of course, a beauty contest where the prize is the honour of being declared Miss Buffalo. Not exactly the most adhering of titles for an aspiring beauty queen, but it does not seem to deter contestants from seeking the limelight of the catwalk.Here is a festival that provides photo opportunities to capture an unusual adaptation of the 100-metre dash. Well worth seeing, is always the conclusion of those who make the effort to travel to Chonburi.
If the more traditional version of four-legged races is more appealing then the venue should be the Horse Show, 23 October at the Sanctuary of Truth, also in Chonburi province, on the outskirts of Pattaya The show is organised to commemorate the reign of King Rama V, the Great, on a day set aside as a national holiday to honour a ruler who initiated many of the developments that ultimately encouraged the economic and social transformation of the nation.

International Mountain Bike Touring: Tour of Mekong 2008

International Mountain Bike Touring: Tour of Mekong 2008
Itinerary International Mountain Bike Touring: Tour of Mekong 2008 (For the Opening Season of the Chiang Rai Tourism)Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong - Huai Sai - Wiang Phuka - Luang Namtha - Muang La - Chiang Roong - Chiang Saen 26 October - 2 November, 2008 Thailand - Loas PDR - The People’s Republic of China --------------------------------------------------- Date: Saturday 25 October, 2008 Location: Thailand : Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai Visit Chiang Saen : where the glorious of the Lanna civilization shined itself among the wonderful scenery of the Golden Triangle (Thailand – Loas – Myanmar) 07.00 – 15.00 hrs. - Registration, at leisure 18.00 hrs. - Indulge your evening with the “Kan Tok”: the Northern Style of dinner in the opening ceremony of Chulakathin making merit at Wat Phra That Pha - ngao - At leisure
Date: Sunday 26 October, 2008 Location / Route : Thailand : Chiang Saen – Chiang Khong Distance: 67 Km./Along the River Bank08.30 hrs. - The Opening Ceremony of the International Mountain Bike Touring: Tour of Mekong 2008 at Wat Phra That Pha-ngao and proceed to Amphoe Chiang Khong12.00 hrs. - Lunch14.00 hrs. - Take a deep breath while cycling along the Mekong River, head to Amphoe Chiang Khong. Enjoy the beautiful scenery that is filled with the numbers of orange as well as the tranquility of the Mekong River. Visit the Preservation and Breeding Pla Buek (The giant Catfish of the Mekong River) the only one office where take responsibility in breeding Pla Buek and experience the well-known hand woven, the masterpiece of “Tai Lue” Tribe at Ban hat Bai, Amphoe Chiang Khong 15.00 hrs. - Arrive Chiang Khong, spend your leisure among the embrace of nature.
Date: Monday 27 October, 2008Location / Route: Start from Chiang Khong, Thailand to Loas PDR, visit Muang Huai Sai (Bo Kaeo Province), Muang Wiang Phuka (Luang Namtha Province) Distance: 120 km. /Hills06.00 hrs. - Time to say “Good Morning” and stop your fasting! Recharge your energy and be ready to warm up! (Dress Code: the fabulous project’s uniform) 08.00 hrs. - Immigration Procedure, cross the Mekong: the International River to the gateway to Laos PDR that is on the Northern Region of Thailand: Muang Huai Sai, where its city is located on the bank of the Mekong River. 08.30 hrs. - Riding on the Route No. R3 to Muang Wiang Phuka, that its age is around the corner of Chiang Saen, Thailand where the Lignite’s mine is located. 12.00 hrs. - Enjoy lunch along the way and among the natural touch. 18.00 hrs. - Arrive to Muang Wiang Phuka (stay overnight at Ruan Phak Thong Me Xai) and enjoy your first dinner in Laos.
Date: Tuesday 28 October 2008Location / Route: Laos PDR, Wiang Phuka – Luang NamthaDistance: 60 km. /Hills07.00 hrs. - Good Morning Laos! Enjoy your breakfast and warm up! 08.00 hrs. - On your bike and Get set? Let’s go to Muang Luang Namtha, the northern most of Laos and the gateway to China and experience the various tribes that live together!13.00 hrs. - Arrive to Luang Namtha and stay overnight at Chok Chai Thon Resort.18.00 hrs. - Dinner and participate in the welcome ceremony of the Luang Namtha Province. The Troupe delivers some cloth, useful stuff to the Governor to provide to its people.
Date: Wednesday 29 October, 2008 Location / Route: Luang Namtha - Ban Nateoi – Bo Ten Border, China – Muang La Distance: 115 Km. / Flat road and hills 06.00 hrs. - Breakfast and warm up07.00 hrs. - Leaving Luang Namtha to Ban Nateoi, Bo Ten Border and proceed to Immigration procedure. (54 km.)13.00 hrs. - Lunch at Bo Ten 17.00 hrs. - Riding together as the caravan, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. (Muang La is the special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, located on the migration path of the Thai Lue tribe to Thailand), Stay overnight at Jin Xiu Hotel
Date: Thursday 30 October, 2008 Route / Location: Muang La – Chiang Klang Village, The People’s Republic of ChinaDistance: 77 km. /Hills06.00 hrs. - Enjoy the Tai Lue style breakfast and warm up07.00 hrs. - Ahead to the Forest Preservation Area, experience the wonderful scenery of the town on the hill top as well as challenge yourself with the riding up and free wheeling down hill 77 km., 1,200 meters above sea level. 12.00 hrs. - Rest and lunch along the way (at the top of the second hill.16.00 hrs. - Arrive to Chiang Klang Village, experience the way of life of the Tai Lue tribe, stay overnight in the wooden house, antique style in the ancient village of the Tai Lue among the Rubber and Banana field. 18.00 hrs. - Spend your wonderful moment of dinner with the Tai Lue’s style as well as feast your eyes on the cultural performances. (The troupe will donate some money for public use of the village.) Date: Friday 31 October, 2008 Route / Location : Chiang Klang Village – Chiang Roong (Jinghong), The People’s Republic of ChinaDistance: 90 km. /Hills07.00 hrs. - Breakfast and warm up! (Dress Code: the fabulous uniform!)08.00 hrs. - Riding to Chiang Roong (Jing hong): the city of peacock, located in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous prefecture province and has the long term and closely relationship with Thailand.12.00 hrs. - Enjoy lunch. 17.00 hrs. - Arrive to Chiang Roong (Jing hong), cross the bridge over the Mekong River and relax / at leisure.
Date: Saturday 1 November 2008 08.00 – 11.00 hrs. - Participate in the 1st Mountain Bike Competition at Jing hong Remarks: - The tour optional program is available for the riders if you don’t join the competition. - Visit the Tai Lue Temple as well as enjoy the Tai Lue Cultural Performances
Date: Sunday 2 November 2008Route: Chiang Roong (Jinghong) Pier to Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai, Thailand (by boat)(10 hrs aprroximately)07.00 hrs. - Breakfast and be ready to cruise from Chiang Roong Pier.12.00 hrs. - Lunch on the boat18.00 hrs. - Arrive Chiang Saen Pier, Chiang Rai safely ****************************************Remarks: The programme is subject to change without notice. We will try the best to inform you as soon as possible. For more information : eventsplandiv@gmail.com

Bang Fai Phaya Nak (Naga Fireball)

Bang Fai Phaya Nak (Naga Fireball)
Bang Fai Phaya Nak (Naga Fireball)
This extraordinary miracle always occurs at the beginning of the full moon night in the eleventh lunar month (End of Buddhist Lent). It can be seen along the Mekong River in the districts of Mueang, Phon Phisai, Pak Khat, Bung Kan, Tha Bo, Si Chiang Mai and Sangkhom. Bang Fai Phaya Nak is a term used for red and pinkish fire balls, which according to belief, belong to Phaya Nak or the great serpent of the underwater world. On the day marking the End of Buddhist Lent, a great number of people come to witness this phenomenon.
Naga Fireball Festival in Nong Khai
It remains a mystery that never ceases to puzzle both visitors and locals alike. Just what is the origin and nature of the fireballs that fly from the surface of the Mekong River high into the night sky for all to see?Locals swear there is absolutely no doubt at all about the origin of the fireballs. Naga, the serpent reportedly dwelling in the murky currents of this mighty river, propels fireballs skyward, probably to remind villagers to treat this life-giving river with respect.Of course, there are detractors, researchers who have spent years of study attempting to explain away the fireball phenomenon, all to no avail.Some say it is an elaborate hoax, but the only way to find out is to travel to Nong Khai and check out river scene and the carnivals that villagers organise to celebrate the now famous legendary serpent.Festivities run from 10 to 16 October, along the Mekong River bank, in Phon Pisai district in Nong Khai province. There are also corresponding celebrations on the Lao side of the river and no shortage of theories on whether Thailand’s neighbours, on the opposite bank, may know more than they are admitting on what causes the spectacle.But there is no denying the fact that there is something almost mystical that causes the fireballs to erupt from the surface of the river, and villagers are taking no chances, hence the religious activities at various temples in the district to appease the Naga.Visitors can participate in a traditional "Tak Bat Thevo" ceremony, or the early morning alms giving to monks. It involves offering sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaves, presented on the important final days of the three-month Buddhist Lent.In the evenings, during the festival week, people gather at the river bank for the Naga procession and cultural performance that reflect the rural village traditions of the northeast region.If all goes to plan the highlight of the trip will be the amazing sight of the Naga fireballs erupting into the sky, a phenomenon that is very likely to prompt some light hearted banter and arguments at riverside food stalls over glasses of ale or the local rice whisky on their origin. The most convenient way to reach Nong Khai is to take one of the many daily flights offered from Bangkok to Udon Thani, either on the national airline Thai Airways International, or one of the low-cost airlines. The flight takes 50 minutes and from Udon Thani, mini buses offer a 40 minute transfer to Nong Khai. An alternative is to take the rail service that runs every evening from Bangkok to Nong Khai.
Contact :
TAT Udon Thani, Tel. : 66 (0) 4232 5406-7Nong Khai Provincial Administration Office, Tel. : 66 (0) 4242 0323Website : www.tourismthailand.orgE-mail : tatudon@tat.or.th