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Thailand in brief
Location Siturated in the heart of Southeast Asian mainland which covering an area of 513,115 square kilometres and for centuries knowns by outsiders as siam, Thailand borders the Lao PDR and Myanmar to the north, Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the east ,Myanmar and the Indian Ocean to the West and Malaysia to the south. Topography Thailand is divided into 4natural regions: -The mountainous North, with its profusion of multi -coloured orchids fascinating native handicrafts and winter temperatures are sufficiently cool to permit cultivation of temperate fruits such as strawberries and peaches. -The high Northeast Plateau,which still jealously guards its many archaeological and anthropological mysteries. -The Central Plain , one otf the world’s most fertile rice and fruit-growing areas with colourful traditional culture and way of life as well as the sandy beaches of the East Coast and vibrant cosmopolitan Bangkok. -The peninsular Soouth where the unspoiled beaches and idyllic island complement economically vital tin mining , rubber cultivation and fishing. Climate The climate is tropical with an average high temperature of35’C and low of 25’C in Bangkok.There are three overlapping seasons; the monsoon that lasts from May to September, from when it turns moderate to cool until February and warns up until April. Temprratures are highest inMarch/April and lowest in December/January. Time Time in Thailand is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+7) Population Thais are well –known for their friendlinessand hospitaliy .A large majority of over 62 millo\ion citizens of Thailand are ethnic Thai,along with strong communities whose ethnic origins lie in China,India and elswhere.About 10million people reside in the capital city of Bangkok. Religion Buddhlsm the national religion, is the professed faith of 95%of the population.Isiam Christianity, Hinduism and others are embrace by the rest of the population. There is absolute relligious freedom. The King of Thailand, under the constitution and in practice , is pstron of all ajor religions embraced by the people.
Language The official national language, spoken by almost 100%of the population, is Thai .English and some Chinese dialects are usually understood in business circles.However, English is widely spoken and understood, particularly in Bangkok snd other major cities . Thai-English road signs are also found nationwide. Government Thailand has had a constitutional monarchy since 1932 Parliament is composed of 2 houses, The House of Representatices and the Senate. Both representatives and senators are elected by the people .A prime minister elected from among the representatives leads the government.The country is divide into 76 provindes. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration comes under an elected governot. Appointed provincial governors admintster the othe 75 provinces (Changwat) , which are divided into districts (Amphoe), sub-districts (Tambon) and villages (Mu Ban) Useful Information Immigration Foreigners seeking entry into the Kingdom of Thailand for tourism, study, business, investment, employment or other purposes must possess valid travel documents recognized by the Royal Thai Government as described in the 1979 Immigration Act and related provisions. Visas may be obtained from all Royal Thai Embassies and Consulates General. However, tourists from some specific countries are exempted from visa requirements and may stay for up to 30 days, providing they have adequate means of support and hold travel tickets confirming their departure within this period. Moreover, travelers from some countries may apply for a 15 day tourist visa upon arrival at an immigration checkpoint at one of the country’s international ports of entry. Visitors with transit or courtesy visas are permitted to stay up to 30 days and up to 60 days with a tourist visa Anyone wishing to apply for a visa extension should apply at the Office of the Immigration Bureau, 507 Soi SuanPhlu , Sathon Tai Road, Bangkok, For future information, please call 0 2287 3101-10 or visit www.police.go.th Tourist Information Services Tourist information is available at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in Bangkok, its local offices in 22 major cities ( listed on the back cover ) and the TAT information counters at every airport where there is a TAT local office. They provide maps, brochures and useful information. TAT Call Center, Tel: 1672
Tourist Police In 1982, the Tourist Police was set up to coordinate with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in providing safety for tourists. Its responsibilities include receiving and acknowledging claims and complaints, conducting investigations and acting as coordinators of tourist security. At present, some 500 tourist police offices are stationed in major tourist areas. Bilingual Tourist Police are affiliated with the Tourism Authority of Thailand offices in Bangkok, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Udon Thani, khon kaen,chiang mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Phisanurok, Nakhon Sawan, Surat Thani, Phuket and Shongkhla to Provide assistance for visitors. In the case of an emergency, contact the Tourist Police Centre, Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue,Bangkok 10200. Tel: 1155 (Free 24 hours) Medical Services All tourism destinations and provincial capitals have hospitals and clinics staffed by well-trained doctors and nurses. In the case of an emergency, an ambulance can be summoned from any private hospital. Currency and Exchange Service The Thai unit of currency is the baht. The baht is divided into 100 satang. Coins are valued at 25 satang, 1 baht, 5 baht and 10 baht. Banknotes are valued at 20, 50, 100, 500and 1,000 baht. Major currency bills and travelers cheques are cashed easily at hotels, tourist shops, all provincial banks, shopping centres and money changers. Travellers cheques are best changed in banks (you will need your passport). Rates of exchange at banks or authorised money changers are better than those at hotels and department stores. Credit cards are widely accepted. Business Hours Most commercial concerns in Bangkok operate five days a week. Government offices are generally open between 8.30 a.m. and 4.30p.m. with a 12.00 p.m. to 1 p.m. lunchbreak, Monday through Friday,except on public holidays. Private business maintain similar hours – 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. , with certain exception. Most shops are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Tipping It is customary to tip porters and hotel personnel who have given good personal service. A 10 – 15% tip is appreciated in restuarents, particularly where service charges are waived. It is not necessary to tip cinema ushers.
Clothing Light,loose cotton clothing is best. Nylon should be avoided. Sweaters are recommended for the evenings during the cool season or if visiting mountainous areas and remote national parks. Jackets and ties are required in certain restuarents. Electricity The electric current is 220 volt AC (50 cycles) throughout the country. There are many types of plugs and sockets in use. Traveller with electric shavers.tape recorders and other appliances should carry a plug-adapter kit. The larger hotels are likely to have 110 volt transfomers available. Export of Antiquities Buddha images,Bodhisattva images or fragments,part of ancient monuments and prehistoric objects,are forbidden to be taken out of Thailand. Newly cast Buddha images in complete condition can be exported for worship,cultural exchange or educational purposes with licenses issued by the Fine Arts Department. Not more than 5 pieces per person shall be allowed. Reproductions of antiquities can also be exported with licenses. Objects together with photographs and applicant’s passport with photocopy (in case of export of Buddha images the photocopy of passport must be certified as true copy by the related Embassyor Consulate in Thailand) must be taken to any of the following places: the office of Archaeology and National Museums in Bangkok (Tel:0 2628 5032), Chiang Mai National Museum in Chiang Mai or Thalang National Museum in Phuket. A license issuing process lasts for 4 working days. Exchange Control Any amount of foreign currency may be brought into the country. Visitors may take foreign currency out of Thailand,but no more than the amount stated in the customs declaration made on arrival. Travellers leaving Thailand may take out no more than 50,000 baht per person in Thai currency. International Airports and Airport Tax Thailand currently has five international airports, at Bangkok ( Don Mueang Airport ), Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai and Phuket. Bangkok International Airport is located some 22 kilometres north of downtown Bangkok. There are two international terminals. Please be sure to check which terminal you will depart from when reconfirming your flight. ( Bangkok International Airport directory assistance, Tel: 0 2535 1111.) The domestic and cargo terminals are located nearby. Airport tax for international passengers is 500 baht per person.
Visa Immigration Information 1. According to the Interior Ministerial Office, the following is a list of countries, which have concluded an agreement on the exemption of visa requirement for holders of diplomatic or official passport or service/special passport with Thailand, and permitted to stay for 30 and 90 days. List of countries:
90 Days Argentina Austria Belgium Bhutan Brazil Chile Croatia Czech Republic Germany Hungary India Israel Italy Japan Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Nepal Philippines Poland Romania Russia Federation Singapore Slovak Republic South Africa Switzerland Tunisia Turkey 30 Days Mongolia China Vietnam Laos Myanmar Oman 2. The following is a list of countries which have concluded agreement on the Exemption of visa requirement for holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary passports with Thailand and permitted to stay for 90 days. Republic of Peru 3. The following is a list of countries which have exempted visa requirement for holders of diplomatic, and official passports and permitted to stay for exceeding 90 days. List of countries: Finland Denmark Sweden 4. The following is a list of countries which have concluded an agreement on the exemption of visa requirement for holders of national passport with Thailand and permitted to stay for 30 and 90 days. 90 Days Brazil Chile Republic of Korea 30 Days Hong Kong SAR/Macau SAR Socialist Republic of Vietnam Laos
Tourist Visa Exemption - According to the Interior Ministerial Announcement dated 1 October B.E. 2545 (2002), 20 December B.E. 2545 (2002), 18 October B.E. 2547 (2004) and 6 May B.E. 2548 (2005), passport holder from 40 countries and Hong Kong SAR do not require a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes if their stay in the kingdom does not exceed 30 days. - The application must possess instrument of means of living expenses 10000 Baht per person and 20000 Baht per family accordingly. - Please also be advised that ordinary passport holders of 40 countries and Hong Kong who intend to engage in certain activities are eligible to apply for a visa when entering the kingdom if their qualifications meet the conditions set forth by the Office of Immigration Bureau. For more information Bureau, Soi Suan Plu, off South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120 Tel. 0 2287-3101-10 or website http://police.go.th
List of 40 countries and one region is as follows:
1. Australia : Commonwealth of Australia
2. Austria : Republic of Australia
3. Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium
4. Brazil : Federative Republic of Brazil
5. Bahrain : State of Bahrain
6. Brunei Darussalam : Negara Brunei Darussalam
7. Canada
8.Denmark : Kingdom of Denmark
9.Finland : Republic of Finland
10.France : French Republic
11.Germany : Federal Republic of Germany
12.Greece : Hellenic Republic
13.Hong Kong : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
14.Iceland : Republic of Iceland
15.Indonesia : Republic of Indonesia
16.Ireland : Republic of Lreland
17.Lsrael : Republic of Lsrael
18.Italy : Republic of Italy
20.Korea : Republic of Korea
21.Kuwait : State of Kuwait
22.Luxembourg : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
24.Netherlands : Kingdom of the Netherlands
25.New Zeland
26.Norway : Kingdom of Norway
27.Oman :Sultanate of Oman
28.Peru : Republic of Peru
29.Philippines : Republic of the Philippines
30.Portugal : Republic of Portugal
31.Qatar : State of Qatar
32.Singapore : Republic of Singapore
33.Spain : Kingdom of Spain
34.South Africa : Republic of South Africa
35.Sweden : Kingdom of Sweden
36.Switzerland : Swiss confederation
37.Terkey : Republic of Terkey
38.United Arab Emirates
39. United kingdom: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
40. United State of America
41.Vietnam : Socialist Republic of Vietnam Temporary Tourist Visa: Visa on Arrival
- According to the Interior Ministerial Announcements, passport holder from 20 countries may apply for visas at the immigration checkpoints for the purpose of tourism for the period of not exceeding 15 days. - The applicant must possess means of living expenses 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family accordingly. - The applicant must produce full paid ticket which is usable within 15 days since the date of entry. - Visa on arrival is provided at 23 designated international checkpoints and should produce the application from his/her recent photograph (2 ½ inches)is attached. The application fee is 1,000 Baht. - Visitors who enter the Kingdom with Visa on Arrival generally cannot file an application for extension of stay except in special cases such as illness which prevents them from travelling, etc.They can submit an application at the Office of Immigration Bureau, Immigration Division 1, Soi Suan Plu, South Sathon Road, Bangkok 10120.Tel:0-2287-3127 or 0-2287-3101-10 ext. 2264-5 or at website http://www.police.go.th/frconten/frconten.htm
List of 20 countries is as follow:
1. Bhutan : Kingdom of Bhutan
2. China : People’s Republic of China (including Taiwan)
3. Cyprus : Republic of Cyprus
4. Czech : Czech Republic
5. Estonia : Republic of Estonia
6. Hungary : Republic of Hungary
7. Kazakhstan : Republic of Kazakhstan
8. Latvia : Republic of Latvia
9. Liechtenstein : Principality of Liechtenstein
10. Lithuania : Republic of Lithuania
11.maldives : Republic of Maldives
12.Mauritius : Republic of Mauritius
13.Oman : Sultanate of Oman
14.Poland : Republic of Poland
15.Russian Federation
16.Saudi Arabia : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Republic of Denmark
17.Slovakia : Slovak Republic
18.Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia
List of Thailand’s immigration Checkpoints which provides facilities for issuance of visa on arrival area as follow:
1. Suvarnnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
2. Chiangmai International Airport, Chiangmai
3. Phuket International Airport, Phuket
4. Hatyai International Airport, Songkhla
5. U Tapao Airport, Rayong
6. Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
7. Chieng Sean Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
8. Chieng Khong Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
9. Betong Immigration Checkpoint, Yala
10. Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
11. Samui Airport, Surat Thani
12. Sukhothai International Airport, Tak Immigration Checkpoint
13. Bangkok Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Bangkok
14. Sri Racha Immigration Checkpoint, Chonburi
15. Mabtaput Immigration Checkpoint, Rayong
16. Nong Khai Immigration Checkpoint, Nong khai
17. Samui Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani
18. Phuket Immigration Checkpoint, Phuket
19. Satun Immigration Checkpoint, Sutun
20. Krabi Immigration Checkpoint, Krabi
21. Songkhla Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhia
22. Chiangrai Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Chaingrai
23. Surat Thani Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani Visa Extension Application for a 15-day extension of stay for any visa is possible at the immigration Office at Soi Suan Plu, Sathon Tai Road, Bangkok. Tel:0-2287-9101-10. The fee is 500 Baht. Re-Entry Permits Application fee for a single re-entry permit is 1,000 Baht. A multiple re-entry permit (per visa) is 3,800 Baht Application fee for a single re-entry permit is 1,000 Baht. A multiple re-entry permit (per visa) is 3,800 Baht Tansportation Airport Transfer Private airport-to-city transfer options include hotel services, airport limousine service (approx 650 baht from the airport to downtown), and metered-taxis from public taxi stands located outside arrival halls. Public transport options include train and Airport Bus. Don Mueang railway station is just across the road from the airport and provides services to Bangkok where connections can be made to all parts of the country Airport Buses from the airport to the city and back, operate from 5 a.m. till midnight, at approximately 30 minute intervals. For information, phone 0 2995 1252. Free shuttle bus services between domestic and international airport (1 kilometre apart) are available every 20 minutes from 5 a.m.-11.30 p.m. Getting around Bangkok Public buses are plentiful and cheap, with 6 baht minimum and 22 baht maximum fares to most Destinations within metropolitan. A Bus Route Map is available at bookshops or the TAT tourist information counters. Taxis cruising the streets of Bangkok, and designated “taxi-meter” charge 35 baht for the first 3 kilometres and approximately 5 baht for every kilometer thereafter. Tuk-Tuks or three wheel taxis are quite popular among the tourists for short journeys inside Bangkok. Fare must be bargained in advance. BTS Sky Trains ply along Silom, Sukhumvit and Phahonyothin Roads, connecting many leading hotels, public parks and major shopping areas. The fares range from 10-40 baht per trip depending on distance, 280 baht for 3-day Tourist Pass and 100 baht for 1-day Tourist Pass. BTS call Center 0 2617 6000 or visit www.bts.co.th Bangkok Metro (M.R.T.) operate the route from Hua Lamphong to Bung Sue everyday during 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
The fare starts from 14-36 baht depending on distance. Call: 0 2354 2000 or visit www.bangkokmetro.co.th
River Taxis: There are many types of boats that navigate the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Private “cigarette long-thil boats” are fast and available for tours of the city’s huge canal system. Public river taxis run from dawn till dusk from Wat Ratchasingkhon to as far north as Nonthaburi. The journey takes over an hour. Smaller trips between other landings can cost as little as 9 baht. Getting around Thailand
Air There are many airlines operate regular domestic flights from Bangkok to major provincial and resort destinations. Advance booking is necessary when travelling during the high season and public holidays. For more information, please contact directly at those airlines as follow; - Air Asia (FD) Tel: 0 2515 9999 www.airasia.com - Bangkok Airways (PG) Tel: 0 2265 5678, 0 2265 5555 http://www.bangkokair.com - Nok Air (DD) Tel: 1318, 0 2251 1812 http://www.nokair.co.th - Orient Thai Airlines (OX) Tel: 1126, 0 2267 3210-5 www.orient-thai.com (ENG) www.onetwo-go.com (thai) - P.B. Air (9Q) Tel: 0 2261 0220-5 www.pbair.com - Phuket Airlines Tel: 0 2679 8999 http://www.phuketairlines.com - Thai Airways International (TG) Tel: 1566, 0 2628 2000 www.thaiairways.com Rail The state Railway of Thailand operates four train lines – Northern, Northeastern, Eastern and Southern – accessing nearly all major provinces. Train fares depend on class of carriage and destination. Twenty-day rail passes are available for second and third-class carriages. Hua Lampong (Bangkok Railway Station) is the main station. Call 1690 (Hot Line), 0 2220 4334 or 0 2220 4444 or visit www.railway.co.th for further information. Tickets can be bought at any railway station. Buses Buses and coaches are the only mode of transport to access all provinces in Thailand, running both to and form Bangkok and between each other. Option included ordinary air-conditioned coaches and VIP air-conditioned coaches with refreshment services. Booking can be made through the following bus terminals: - Mochit 2 Bus terminal, for northern and northern eastern destinations and Pattaya, Trat Southern Bus Terminal,for southern,eastern and western destinations including, Pattaya Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Kanchanaburi. -Eastern Busterminal (Ekkamai) ,for routes to Pattaya ,Rayong,Trat and other points east. For more information, contact Transport Co.Ltd. (commonly called by Thai as Bo Kho So ) at tel:02936 2852-66.orwww.transport.co.th Car Hire Travellers with valid international driving license may choose to hire a car .English-language road signs and maps are commonplace. The Bangkok Yellow Pages list local and international automobile rental companies. Each offers different condition . Self-drive and chauffeur-driven automobiles are widely available. International care hire companies such as Avis,Hertz and Budget operate in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hat yai, Phuket, Chiang Mai and on Ko Samui. Communication Postal Services Thailand’s mail service is reliable and efficient. Major hotels provide basic postal services on their premises. Provincial post offices are usually open from 8.00a.m. to 4.30 p.m.. Telephones International phone calls can be made quite easily from mid-to-upper-level hotels or international call booths in tourist areas.There is direct dialing to and from more than 80 countries on five continents. General Post Office (GPO) on Charoenkrung Road, or any major Post Office also has special booths for making overseas calls. For more information, call CAT call center, Tel;0 2614 1000. At present, all telephone numbers (for local calls and long distance calls within the country) have nine digits i.e. 0 2250 0050(Bangkok call). 0 5324 8604(provincial), 0 1435 9117(Mobile phone call). The international dialing cord for Thailand is 66. When making international calls from Thailand, First dial 001+country code +telephone number. For direct assistance, call 1133(local) or 100 (international). International Roaming Mobile Phone A Subscriber Identity Module Card (SIM Card) is now available for Thai and foreign customers who are traveling around for work. The SIM Card must be used in conjunction with a Digital GSM mobile phone within the 900-MHz range or a Digital PCN mobile phone within the 1800-MHz range .
Fax and E-mailAll of Thailand ‘s leading hotels offer facsimile (fax) and e-mail services. Numerous private businesses offer such facilities, most often in conjunction with translation services.
Internet ServicesThailand has been expanding its information service for residents and tourists alike through the Internet system. Services are now available at Thailand’s leading hotels and at the many “cybercafe’s” that are cropping up in all major tourists destination.
Do ’s & Don’ts in Thailand
Whilst Thais do not expect foreigners to know and understand their culture, visitors can ensure a very pleasant stay by remembering a few simple tips. Dress conservatively in temples and government offices. Short trousers and skirts, and shirts that expose the shoulders are not acceptable in temples in particular. Remove the shoes when entering a temple’s hall. As the feet are considered unclean, never point at anyone or anything with them. In contrast, do not touch anyone on the head as this is considered the most sacrosanct part of the body. Do not climb upon Buddha images to take a photograph. Women should never touch monks at all. Try never to show anger or strong feelings in public as theirs consider this improper in an adult. Finally, the monarchy and religion are held in the highest respect in Thailand and any comments or actions considered derogatory to either are not to lerated.
Special Advice - Beware of unauthorized people who offer their service as guides. For all tourist information, contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tel: ] 0 22257612-4 - Observe all normal precautions as regards to personal safety, as well as the safety of your belongings. Walking alone on quiet streets or deserted areas is not recommended. Be sure that all your valuables-money, jewellery, and airline tickets are properly protected from loss. Visitors needing assistance relating to safety, unethical practices, or other matters, please call the Tourist Police at Tel: 1155 - Drop your garbage into a waste container. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is now strictly enforcing the law in an effort to keep the city clean and healthy. The fine will be imposed on a person who spits, discards cigarette stubs, or drops rubbish in public areas. - Sex with children is a crime. Whoever has sexual intercourse or commits an indecent act on a child (any person under the age of 18 years),whether such child shall consent or not, shall be punished with imprisonment or with a fine or both. - Do not get yourself involved with drugs. Penalties for drug offences are very severe in Thailand. - Do not support any manner of wild animal abuse. Never purchase any product or souvenirs made from wild animals including reptiles like snakes, monitor lizards, and also turtle shell and ivory. Avoid patronizing local restaurants that serve wild animal delicacies. It is against the law to slaughter wildlife for food in Thailand.
Shopping Advice
What to Buy Thai silk, cotton, nielloware, silverware, brozeware, pottery and celadon, pewter, precious stones, finished jewellery and a dazzling range of folk handcrafts make memorable gifts and souvenirs. International standard ready-made sportwear and leisurewear is inexpensive and quality tailors and dressmakers offer reliable 24 hour service in Bangkok and major tourist destination.
Shopping Tips Department stores and a number of shops in Bangkok have fixed prices, but at most of others bargaining is acceptable and expected; some department store will even offer a discount on expensive items like jewellery and fine furniture. No fixed rules can be given on the process depending as it does on the bargainer’s skill and the shopkeeper’s mood,but the final price may be reduced as much as 30 % to that first quoted. An important point to keep in mind is that Thais admire good manners and a sense of humour and tend to be put off a loss of temper. Providing you have the time, a good general rule is to make a survey of several shops selling the sort of items you want before coming to a final decision.
The Jewel Fest Club Jewellery and gemstones from Thailand are also a favourite item for many visitors to the kingdom. Their beauty, quality craftsmanship and reasonable price have earned Thai precious and semi-precious stones a worldwide reputation. Yet occasionally, there have been visitor who complained about the action of few unethical jewelers who persuadedthem to purchase jewellery at an unreasonable price. Through the cooperation of the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association (TGJTA) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Jewel fest club has been established, bringing about 50 leading jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers. The club’s aim to offer quality products at reasonable prices with a money-back guarantee if buyers are not completely satisfied with their purchases. Retail outlets bear the emblem featured here for ready identification. When You purchase an item of jewellery from a store that is clearly identified as a member of the Jewel Fest Club, your purchase will be duly recorded, and a certificate detailing your purchase will be issued. Not only does this certificate of authenticity clearly state the nature and price of your purchase, it also guarantees your refund should you wish to return the purchase, cut by 10% if you return merchandise to the point of sale within 30 days, and by 20% after 30 days but within 45 days of purchase. Contact The Jewel Fest Club at Tel: 0 2630 1390-7, Fax:0 2630 1398-9 www.jewlfest.com.
Packing and Shipping Services Thanks to the ever-increasing number of tourists coming to Thailand, most shops are experienced at shipping abroad and will attend to all the documents such as in surance, customs and necessary permits. The Central Post Office also offers a parcel-wrapping service for those whowant to make small shipments, there are several Bangkok companies who specialise in such matters.
Vat Refund Visitors entering the Kingdom on tourist visas are entitled to refunds of the 7% value-added tax (VAT) paid on goods purchased at shops and department stores displaying “VAT Refund for Tourist” signs. The refund may be claimed if the claimed amounts in all P.P.10’have been totaled 5.000 bath or over. Tourist is eligible to receive P.P.10 form when the total purchase of 2,000 bath or over is made from the same store on the same date. Before checking in at the international airport (Bangkok, Ching Mai , Hat Yai , Phuket) , tourist must show your purchases, completed P.P.10 form and tax invoices to the Customs Officer for inspection. Certain luxury goods must be shown to an excise official. Refunds may be in bank draft form or credited to a credit card. For more information, please contact the VAT Refund for Tourists Office, please contact the VAT Refund for Tourists office, Tel: 0 2272 8195-8 or www.rd.go.th/vrt or E-mail:vrefund@rd.go.th
Detail from:http://www.touristassistancecenter.go.th/web/eng/tips.php

Thailand Health & Beauty Show 2007

Date : 07/11/2007 To 11/11/2007Place : Muang Thong ThaniNovember 7-9, 2007 ,Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok

A record number of international exhibitors and key buyers are expected to attend “Thailand Health & Beauty Show 2007”, one of the most exciting international events on the calendar to be organized by the Department of Export Promotion (DEP), Ministry of Commerce.
The world-class fair, to be held at IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani, from November 7-11, 2007, is the perfect showcase for health and beauty products, as well as natural materials, spa merchandise and a diverse range of related services provided by world-class hospitals and specialist clinics. As in previous years, Thailand HBS 2007 will bring together buyers and sellers, as well as health and beauty professionals, from around the world – thus creating the perfect arena to complete business deals, hold trade negotiations with interested parties and, just as importantly, expand each exhibitor’s client base.
The DEP’s Director-General Mr. Rachane Potjanasuntorn revealed : “The DEP is confident that Thailand HBS 2007 will again attract quality exhibitors and a long list of keen buyers from the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, China, Japan, Indonesia and Korea, to name just a few. We firmly believe that the fair will further strengthen the Kingdom’s reputation as the regional hub for international trade and trade discussions, allowing both local and international companies to eventually form a global network of crucial contacts.”
Based on last year’s show figures, international exhibitors will literally have a captive consumer audience, as this year more than 25,000 visitors will spend at least one entire day at the event. Another favorable factor is that recent consumer trends point to a continuous rise in products and services that promote wellness, beauty and inner health. Also gaining fast in popularity are herbal products, and natural health foods and food supplements. Meanwhile, the health and beauty industry has been linked increasingly to the travel industry, each supporting and contributing to the other’s growth. On display at Thailand HBS 2007 will be a definitive range of the most popular health and beauty products, aromatherapy merchandise, health and herbal food and beverages, beauty therapy and medical equipment, as well as services offered by some of the world’s leading hospitals, specialist clinics and beauty training institutes. Several Thai manufacturers already have carved an enviable name for themselves on the regional and international spa scene, offering top-of-the-range spa products at highly competitive prices. And all trade visitors will soon realize that it is not by chance that Thailand – with its vast natural resources and ancient healing practices – is already known as the “Spa Capital of Asia”.
Thailand HBS 2007 will cover a total space of 20,000 square meters, accommodating approximately 850 exhibition booths. It will be open to trade visitors daily from 10.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m., on November 7-9, 2007, and to the general public from 10.00 a.m.-9.00 p.m. on November 10-11, 2007.
For further information, visit http://www.depthai.go.th/ and http://www.thaitradefair.com/.
Issued on behalf of the Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, by Syllable Co., Ltd. For more information, please contact Mr. Somkid Charoensak at 0 2254 6895-7 or 08 4147 7575, fax 0 2650 7738

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