Hat Yai Midnight Songkran Festival

Hat Yai Midnight Songkran Festival, Songkhla provinceDate : 11 – 14 April 2008Venue : Niphat Uthit Road, Sanehanusorn Road, Hat YaiActivities : Come and splash water to celebrate Songkran and see a pageant of beauty queens. Witness a breath taking procession. Enjoy the fire show, culture formances and all kinds of entertainment during festival.Hilight : 12 April 2008 at 18.00 hrs. a procession of Songkran festival. 13 April 2008 Miss Songkran Beauty Contest and various forms of entertainment and local games as well as playing splashing water in the evening.Further information : Hat Yai Municipality Tel: 0 7424 4777TAT Southern Region Office, Region 1 (Songkhla) Tel: 0 7423 1055Website : www.songkran.net www.tourismthailand.org

Oi-Than Bathing Ceremony- Si Satchanalai...

Oi-Than Bathing Ceremony- Si Satchanalai Songkran Festival
Date : 8-12 April 2008
Venue : Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai Activities : a parade paying homage to the governor of Sukhothai, local entertainment and games, local merchandise and fruit as well as an elephant riding around the ancient city.
Hi-Light : 12 April 2008, at 15.00 hrs. a parade of 30 elephants crossing Kang Luang, Yom river to the Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai. (Specialty: 7 April 2008. Procession of local tradition procedure of how to become a monk and parade by elephants which is the unique part of Hadsiew village people)
Further information : Si Satchanalai District Office, Tel: 0 5567 1466, 0 5567 9153 TAT Northern Region Office, Region 3 ( Phisanulok) Tel: 0 5525 2742-3Website : www.tourismthailand.org www.songkran.net

Dok Khun Siang Khaen Festival and Sticky...

Dok Khun Siang Khaen Festival and Sticky Rice Street
Date : 13-15 April 2008
Venue : Area of Bueng Kan Nakhon and Si Chan Road, Khon Kaen
Activities : A procession of floral carts, I san food contest, Khon Kaen local food festival, a parade for bathing Buddha for blessing , paying homage to elderly and local cultural entertainment.Hi-Light : 14 April 2008 at 10.00 hrs. a procession of Koon flower carts and splashing water around Si Chan road ( Khao Niao road).
Further information : Khon Kaen Municipality Tel: 0 4322 4032, 0 4322 4029 ext. 1504 TAT Northeastern Region Office, Region 3 Tel: 0 4324 4498-9Website : www.tourismthailand.org www.songkran.net

Ko Si Chang Songkran Festival

Ko Si Chang Songkran FestivalDate: 13 – 19 April 2008
Venue: Ko Si Chang and Ko Kham Yai, Chon Buri Activities : Giving alms to monks, bathing the Buddha image, a piling rice ceremony, paying homage to the elderly, sand Chedi building contest, local games, takraw competition, music performances.Hi-Light: girl dunking tradition ( By asking permission from lady to carry her into the sea and carry her back afterward and then will be a Thai Classical dance for all couple to join and have fun with., being held at Ko Kam Yai, 1 k.m approximately distant from Ko Si Chang) Further Information : TAT Central Region Office : Region 3 (Chonburi), Tel. 0 3842 7667, 0 3842 8750website : www.tourismthailand.org, www.songkran.net

Phranakhonkiri festival 2008 – Phetchabu...

Phranakhonkiri festival 2008 – Phetchaburi ProvinceDate : 12 – 20 April 2008Venue : Phranakhonkiri National Museum, Phetchaburi ProvinceActivity : Thai skilled craftsman and local intellect demonstration, Painting, Thai food cooking demonstration, Local culture and traditional, folk games and See the Light decoration and firework.Further information : Phranakhonkiri National Museum, Tel : 0 3240 1006 0 3242 5600

Sari New Year Festival of Chiang Mai cit...

Sari New Year Festival of Chiang Mai city, Chiang Mai Date : 12-15 April 2008
Venue : All around in Chiangmai city, Chiangmai province
Activities : A procession and bathing of the Phra Phuttasihing, paying homage to elderly, local traditional shows and local artistic game demonstration , splashing water around the city ditch, walking street and all international food.
Hi-Light : 12 April 2008, at 7.00 hrs. in Royal Flora Garden (Ratchaphruek), there is a piling rice to 99 monks and grand opening Songkran festival by the Minister of Tourism and Sport Ministry. 13 April 2008, at 14.00 hrs. a procession and bathing of the Phra Phuttasihing and Miss Songkran parade from Naowarat bridge to Wat Phra Sing. 14 April 2008, at 16.00 hrs. a parade of sand-carrying back to temple & Mai Kham Sari from Saphan Lek (Iron bridge) to the temple on Tha Phae Street. 15 April 2008, 13.30 hrs. a parade of paying homage for Chiang Mai Governor from Three Kings monument to the Governor’s Office.
Further information : Chiang Mai Municipality Tel: 0 5325 9000 TAT Northern Region Office, Region 1 (Chiang Mai) Tel: 0 5324 8604, 0 5324 8607Website : www.songkran.net www.tourismthailand.org

Songkran Festival at Phra Pradaeng

Date : 18-20 April 2008Venue : Downtown district of Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan
Activities : Swan and centipede flags parade, Miss Songkran parade, decorated vehicles and all beautiful ladies wearing Thai Raman dresses parades also traditional local games especially Sa-ba of Thai Raman tribe, and paying homage to the elderly, Miss and Mister Songkran beauty contest as well as how to play splashing water as Thai-Raman traditional wayHi-Light : 20 April 2008, at 13.00 hrs. Miss Songkran festival parade and 3.30 p.m. birds & fishes parade for releasing them back to the nature being held at Wat Protget Chettharam 18-20 April 2008, at 19.00 hrs. traditional local game ( Sa-ba Raman and Sa-ba Toi) being held at ancient Plaeng FaiFa fort and Raman village.Further information : Phra Pradaeng district office Tel: 0 2463 4891 ext. 129-130TAT Central Region Office, Region 8 (Nakhon Nayok) Tel: 0 3731 2282, 0 3731 2284Website : www.songkran.net www.tourismthailand.org

Nakhon Si Thammarat Songkran Festival

Date : 11 – 15 April 2008Venue : Wat Phra Boromthat and Si Thamma Sokarat Park, Sanam Na Meuang, I-suan Hall, and Phra Narai Hall, Nakhon Si ThammaratActivities : Wat Boromthat: tradition of paying worship to the Phrathat at Songkran. Sanam Na Mueang, Si Thamma Sokarat Park, I-suan Hall, and Phra Narai Hall, a procession of Phra Puttasihing, Nang Kradan and The Yam Pa Wai Swinging ceremony, local sweets and food festival, free kanom Chin festival, and splashing of water.Hi-Light : 13 April 2008 at 17.00 hrs. A procession of Phra Puttasihing from sport yard to the yard of the city 14 April 2008 at 18.00 hrs. A procession of Nang Dan at I-suan HallFurther information : Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality Tel: 0 7534 2880-2 TAT Southern Region Office, Region 2 (Nakhon Si Thammarat) Tel: 0 7534 6515-6Website : www.tourismthailand.org, www.songkran.net