“O Bangkok Magic name, blessed name”

Published by Signal Books: http://www.signalbooks.co.uk/ North American edition by Oxford University Press: http://www.amazon.com/ Available in Thailand from Asia Books. Excerpt from Bangkok. A Cultural and Literary History by Maryvelma Smith O’Neil Available in Thailand from Asia Books.
“But where does one begin with Bangkok,” English writer F. K. Exell mused in 1963. “It was a complete mixture of spurious West and inscrutable East. It was dirty. It was clean. It was beautiful. It was ugly. It was ancient. It was modern. It had scented temple flowers and the stench of rotting fish.”
For more than a century after Bangkok was founded in 1782 most westerners approached it expecting to find the ‘Venice of the East’, as the former Thai capital at Ayudhya had been called, and would only later discover its unique aspects. Ayudhya had been a prosperous city – like Bangkok, built on canals – and one of the greatest maritime ports of Southeast Asia until the Burmese vanquished it in 1767. The Chakri monarchs aimed to replicate the spiritual and physical glory of Ayudhya in the new capital. And succeeded, to judge from many nineteenth-century-travelers who responded with rapt delight at first view of the astonishing spectacle that appeared just after their steamers rounded the wide bend of the Chao Phraya River. A British traveler reaching Bangkok in 1865 thought he saw a mirage: the city “seemed to have arisen from the waters” right before his eyes. He would have seen the houseboats or huts built on stilts that stretched along the river banks as far as the eye could see. Picture them shaded by tall, slender palm trees. Flame-of-the-forest flowers accent a cerulean sky. Pendulous yellow blossoms - floral chandeliers -overhang impenetrable mangrove swamps.
The king owned all the land – because he is god-like, proclaimed a royal decree. His earthly abode was a fortified palace complex adjacent to the Chao Phraya, the river of kings, coursing through Bangkok before spilling into the Gulf of Siam thirty-five miles downstream. Over the centuries, the river became a bustling international emporium with great ships - first junks, then steamers - dwarfing the native dwellings. As the city laid claim to the vast, low-lying deltaic plain of the Chao Phraya valley, traditional amphibious habitats were gradually abandoned. Over the next century the water-world of Old Bangkok was paved over; the last holdouts of the unique floating city were evicted by government order in the early 1950s.
One of the most destructive factors in the changing nature of the “city in a garden” was undoubtedly the laying down of roads, replacing the watery lattice of canals that had been one of the great wonders of Southeast Asia. Rama IV Road, built in 1857, was the first truly public thoroughfare. New Road (Charoen Krung), the earliest macadam street for wheeled vehicles in the burgeoning commercial area next to the port, dates from 1862. The first major boulevard, which swathes through the old city, was cut in the late nineteenth century following King Chulalongkorn’s first visit to Paris.
During the second half of the twentieth century a sprawling, land-based, industrial metropolis began to mushroom on the alluvial plain. The rapid, unplanned and unimpeded expansion in the 1960s was largely due to American development money. Strategic roads led northeast to US military bases on the Thai border. These highways also encouraged an influx of poor peasants who gravitated to the capital, many ending up in sprawling slums.
Although so much has changed in Bangkok over the last century, visitors today experience feelings similar to those recorded in 1863. A sense of bafflement follows the generally conflicting impressions of the place; but few were bored then, and few now. An English visitor remarked that the “continuous and picturesque contrast of splendour and poverty, of fastidious etiquette and informality,” kept one on one’s toes. The same is true today.

Trace the Clue of Architecture on both banks of the Chao Phraya River

Trace the Clue of Architecture on both banks of the Chao Phraya River
Chao Phraya River is a significant river of Thailand. It has its origin from the north by the tributaries namely Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan flowing together and meeting at Pak Nam Pho District, Nakhonsawan Province and transforming into a big river running southwards through the following province: Uthaithani, Chainat, Singburi, Angthong, Ayudhaya, Pathumthani, Bangkok before exiting to the sea via Paknam or mouth of the river at Samutprakarn. Paknam area used to be the location of Chao Phraya District before. Therefore, the name of this river has derived from the name of the district that is Chao Phraya River.
There have been many significant events in the Thai history occurring along both banks of the river where it has served as the location of already 3 capitals viz. Ayudhaya, Thonburi and Bangkok. Many events and stories had already faded and washed away with the water of this river. However, there has been a linkage to the stories in the past worthy of recall regarding the progress, belief, faith, love, distress which was transformed into story via architecture work in variety forms all along the both sides of this historic river.

Blue Elephant Bangkok Cooking School and Restaurant, Bangkok

Blue Elephant Bangkok Cooking School & Restaurant, Bangkok
Blue Elephant Bangkok Cooking School & Restaurant233 South Sathon Road, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120Tel : 0 2673 9353Fax : 0 2673 9355Email : cooking.school@BlueElephant.com
Located in the heart of Bangkok opposite the Surasak sky train station, the school offers hand-on classes commencing with a visit to the morning market. Accompanied by the instructor, you will learn to select and buyThai ingredients for your personal cooking lesson. The class will be followed by a meal to sampling your own cooking as well as additional Thai dishes. Every participant, whether expert or novice, is able to graduate with a Blue Elephant Cooking Class Certificate and will receive a basket consisting of Thai herbal tea and packets of curry paste and apron. Private cooking classes can be organized for professional chefs.

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2008

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Thailand is truly fortunate to have a rich variety of attractions and destinations waiting to be discovered. This year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has its own campaign "Amazing Thailand" with the theme of "Seven Amazing Wonders" of Thailand covering products and services in many different market segments which include:
1. Thainess
Experience the art and grace of Thai Living.
2. Treasure
The historical gems of Thailand, centuries of heritage and beauty.
3. Beaches
The world's best beaches for sun, fun, surf and serenity.
4. Nature
Encounter the sheer beauty of Thai nature.
5. Wellness
Thailand's preventive and curative cultural therapies.
6. Trends
Excite yourself with a myriad of Thai trends.
7. Festivities
Enchant yourself with international festivities.


Best Paradises in Thailand, the latest promotional campaign and guide book, jointly launched by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and promotional partner, AIG Card (Thailand) Co., Ltd., showcases 70 of Thailand’s finest hotels and resorts and raises the visibility and awareness of participating properties.
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TAT will be distributing the 179-page guide to “Best Paradises in Thailand” at the world’s leading international travel trade shows, such as ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse), World Travel Mart (WTM) in London and the Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) in Dubai, as well as through TAT’s own network of international offices. Copies will also be available upon request from Thai embassies worldwide, as well as from overseas travel agents who promote travel to Thailand.
In Thailand, copies of “Best Paradises in Thailand”, priced at 300 baht each, are available from branches of leading bookstores, including outlets at airports.
Best Paradises in Thailand ISBN 978-974-7706-67-3Please click to select
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Le Meridien is expanding its world to Northern Thailand

Northern Thai News 45 – 28.07.2008 by Reinhard Hohler, Chiang Mai
Le Meridien is expanding its world to Northern Thailand
According to Marketing Communications Manager Ms Aticha Pasaprates at the Bangkok Office of Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts within Plaza Athenee Bangkok on Wireless Road, the opening of the newly established Le Meridien Chiang Mai is postponed another three months to November 1, 2008.
Centrally located right at the pulsating heart of the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar on 108 Chang Klan Road, the hotel will offer a well sophisticated contemporary design and will feature all the high tech touches and facilities required by today’s busy travellers. With 384 spacious guestrooms, there is also a fully equipped fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool plus luxurious “spa” facilities. Cuisine options include the "Latest Recipe" Restaurant with international buffets and live cooking stations or "Favola" Restaurant as an authentic Italian Pizzeria.
For further information, please go to: www.lemeridien.com/chiangmai or contact PR Manager Ms Duenswang Suwaphrom in Chiang Mai directly by telephone, mobile or fax: T +66 5325 3666, M +66 89 635 5414, F +66 5325 3667
Other new hotels coming up until the end of this year will be Le Meridien Chiang Rai located at the rim of the Mekok River and Le Meridien Bangkok at Surawong Road. All the properties will continue the good reputation within the region of Le Meridien Angkor at Siem Reap in Cambodia.
Recently voted by travel agents world wide as Cambodia’s Leading Hotel and http://www.lemeridien.com/chiangmaiCambodia’s leading Spa Resort, Le Meridien Angkor is the closest accommodation to the World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat and only a 15-minute drive from Siem Reap International Airport. All of the hotel’s elegant 223 guestrooms laid out within a three-floor building are elegantly designed in the unique Khmer style and provide unrivalled luxury. Its extraordinary temple style pool area set within a palm grove is perfect for theme parties and dining under the stars. The hotel also features a six-room spa and “reflexology” sanctuary, which offer rejuvenating and revitalising treatments. No wonder, because the project architect was no other person than the famous Thai architect Dr. Sumet Jumsai. Not to forget to visit the highly sophisticated Naga Bar and Northern Italian cuisine L’Angelo Restaurant offering the finest selected wines. Weather you’re organising a business event or planning a dream wedding, Le Meridien Angkor possesses the necessary meeting facilities and professional services. The hotel is entirely wire-less. For reservations, please contact by e-mail: reservations.angkor@lemeridien.com
In another development, the end of this month will see the next dinner of Skal Chiang Mai & North Thailand at the boutique Tamarind Village Hotel on July 31. Located in the heart of Old Chiang Mai City, the hotel will provide cocktails for the arriving members and guests at 6:30 p.m. followed by an exhibition of an exclusive collection of jewellery by NOK ’EM DED jewellery design. During the exhibition, there will be the chance to meet the people behind these exclusive art pieces. After the exhibition, Mr. Reinhard Hohler will give a short talk and a presentation about the tourism developments being planned along the Mekong River with emphasis on the benefits to Northern Thailand from these developments. After the presentation, there will be a Thai food dinner prepared by the chefs of the Tamarind Village Hotel. As usual, the dinner fee is 600 Baht for members and 800 Baht for guests. There will be a surcharge of 200 Baht for those who would like to drink wine. For confirmation, please contact Secretary Mr. Mohamad Jesr by e-mail: mohamad@loxinfo.co.th or please refer to the web-site: www.skalchiangmai.com
On the academic front, there is the announcement of Loei Rajabhat University regarding the third international conference on “Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) University Networks: Education, Sustainable Development and Regional Tourism” to be held during 27- 30 August 2008 at Loei Rajabhat University. For further information, please contact Dr. Prakorb by e-mail: qr@lru.ac.th
Regarding the GMS and tourism developments in Northern Thailand, it is important to note that the China section of the Kunming-Bangkok Highway is completed since last March. So, the Chinese stretch of a transnational highway linking Kunming in Yunnan Province with the Thai capital of Bangkok is making progress in a land link from China to Southeast Asia. The
688km Chinese section starts in Yunnan’s provincial capital Kunming and stops at Mohan, an important trade port on the Sino-Laotian border. The first stretch of the section -- from Kunming to Yuxi -- was completed in April 1999. The total length of the highway will be 1,887 km. The opening of the Chinese section will reduce the travel time from Kunming to Bangkok by half to about 20 hours.
The sections in Thailand and Laos have been almost completed, except for a bridge linking the two nations at the port of Chiang Khong. As key part of the Asian road network, the project is an important “infrastructure” facility for construction of the China-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) free trade zone and the Lancang-Mekong River sub-regional economic co-operation. The 4,200-km Mekong River, also called Lancang River in China, begins on the Tibetan Plateau and passes through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Driven by tourism, the gross domestic product of the six regions along the river will be greatly boosted.
Last not least, there will be celebrated Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit’s Birthday on August 12 together with Mothers Day in Thailand. Long Live the Queen!
Best regards,
Reinhard Hohler
TTR Weekly North Thailand News Bureau
85 Suthep Road Soi 5, Chiang Mai 50200
Tel./Fax: 053-276020
Mobile: 08-91210268
E-mail: sara@cmnet.co.th
Web-site: www.ttrweekly.com


Samitivej, Thailand’s leading private hospital group with commitment to be the “lifetime companion”, invites health-conscious people to explore new medical technologies for all family members at the hospital’s annual event, the “Family Health Fair 2008” to be held from 25-27 July 2008 at Central World.Structured in six zones, each zone features different technologies as follows
Zone 1 Happy Kid: allowing parents to learn more about kids health, including children development index, children height index, obesity trend that may lead to other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, bone marrow transplantation for leukemia and thalassemia treatments, PED Wings or pediatric aeromedical evacuation, and medical advice from Samitivej’s pediatricians.
Zone 2 Healthy Family: featuring diabetes and heart attack risks assessment; foot clinic with I-Step technology to help identify people with foot problems; advice on brain system and Alzheimer’s Disease; importance of your annual check-up; and check-up to identify risks of some particular illnesses
· Zone 3 Ladies First: discovering new beauty technologies, and learning more about IVM technology for people with infertility, digital mammogram, 3D and 4D ultrasound, gastric banding as well as HPV vaccine, the latest innovation that keep cervical cancer away from women.
Zone 4 Smart Gentlemen: Learning more about a new technology for diagnosing liver cirrhosis using Fibro Scan that provides accurate and quick result which is unveiled publicly at this event; be amazed with gastrointestinal wireless capsule endoscopy, a tiny digital camera in a tiny easy to swallow capsule that travels down your intestines to examine your digestive system; getting to know more about Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery as well as a computerized navigation system technology for treating backache and ostheoarthritis of the knee.
Zone 5 International & Japanese: Various medical services are offered to international customers
Zone 6Healthy Home: Enjoy many educational and entertaining activities; meet Thai actresses Ann Thongprasom and Pancake Kemnij Jamikorn, and listen to their beauty & health experiences in Health Talk.
To receive our gift at the register corner, please click here
For more information, please contact
Punchama Chatchen Tel. 0 2378 9200 Email: punchama.c@samitivej.co.th
Chanthana Ongphiboon Tel. 0 2378 9145 Email: chanthana@samitivej.co.th
Suranchana Sitthiphoon Tel. 0 2378 9155 Email: ssitthip@samitivej.co.th

Bangkok Film Festival 2008

Bangkok Film Festival 2008
Date September 23rd to 30th 2008
Venue SF World Cinema, CentralWorld
and Pullman Hotel
Partner The Federation of National Film Associations of Thailand
31/9 UMG Theater 2nd Fl., Royal City Avenue, New Phetchaburi Road,
Bangkapi, Huay Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
E-mail: thainationalfilm@thaimail.com
Website: www.thainationalfilm.com
Tel. 66 2 641 5917 Fax 66 2 641 5919
September 23rd 2008 Opening Reception at SF World Cinema, CentralWorld
September 26th 2008 Red Carpet and Gala Screening at SF World Cinema, CentralWorld
September 28th 2008 Kinnaree Award Ceremony at Pullman Hotel
September 30th 2008 Closing Ceremony at SF World Cinema, CentralWorld
September 27th- 29th 2008 Seminars at Pullman Hotel
September 23rd- 30th 2008 Screening at SF World Cinema, CentralWorld
Official Website: www.bangkokfilm.org (will activate soon) For more detail : Please contact by phone no. 02 641 5917 or FAX. no. 02 641 5919 or
e-mail: thainationalfilm@thaimail.com
Website: www.thainationalfilm.com

The Beluga School for Life

The Beluga School for Life (BSfL) is an aid project in Thailand for children in need. On December 26th, 2004, a tsunami caused devastating damages throughout wide areas of coastal regions in Southeast Asia - the south of Thailand and primarily the region surrounding Khao Lak was also affected. Among the survivors were numerous children, who lost their mother, their father, or even both parents and many relatives. These children required urgent help!