Fortrop II International Conference

The FORTROP II International Conference “Tropical Forestry Change in a Changing World” will be held at Kassetsart University, Bangkok, by Kasetsart University Faculty of Forest (KUFF) during 17 – 20 November 2008. The conference is being organized not only to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of forestry education in Thailand but also to motivate exchanges of technology and experience in various aspects of tropical forestry among stakeholders, researchers, technicians, and involved professionals. The conference comprises 11 symposia 1. Tropical forests and climate change 2. GIS/GPS/RS: Applications in natural resources and environmental management 3. International Long-Term Ecological Research 4. Dry Forest Ecology and Conservation 5. Mangrove and Wetland Ecosystems 6. Commercial Plantation Forestry 7. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 8. Trends and Issues in Community Forestry 9. Protected Areas and Sustainable Tourism 10. Forest Products and Bio-Based Materials 11. ASEAN Forestry Student Association (AFSA)
FORTROP II also includes the following event: - Keynote speaker/plenary lectures - Poster session - Exhibition - Post-conference excursionsFor the further information, please contact: FORTROP II Secretariat Kasetsart University Faculty of Forestry(KUFF) 50 Phaholyothin Rd. Chatuchak Bangkok 10900 THAILAND Phone: (662) 579 0170 Fax: (662) 561 4246 E-mail: FORTROP2008@ku.ac.th http://www.forest.ku.ac.th/fortrop2008

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