I won't quit nor dissolve House: Samak

I won't quit nor dissolve House: Samak
By The Nation
I'm sorry to my opponents that I did not resign as expected : PM
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej insisted on Thursday that he has no plans to resign, saying he will stay on to protect democracy of the country.He said in a state-run radio programme broadcast nationwide that he needed to uphold the rule of law because Thailand is not a barbaric country. "How could I resign? I cannot resign. I will not dissolve the House," Samak said. "I will stay on to protect democracy of this country. The whole world is watching us.""I will not abandon the ship, and I will take responsibility for the crew on board,'' Samak said.The special radio programme was organized at 7.30am as Samak said he wished to explain the political chaos to people in upcountry who he said did not agree with what People's Alliance for Democracy has done. Samak said the talk is also aimed at convincing people in other provinces who planned to join the protests in Bangkok to change their mind. Samak said he learnt from reports on several TV stations about the speculation of his resignation. He repeated his accusations on PAD leaders who led the occupation of the Government House since last week that who they are and whether they had rights to oust him.Samak said it was the protesters who are violating the Constitution and the law by occupying the Government House. "People who have no (legal) status went into the Government House. How could it be right? How could the country stand if they don't hold on to the Constitution?'' said Samak. "A country without rule of law is not workable. It will be a Barbarian state," he said. Yesterday speculations spread that Samak planned to announce his resignation in his today radio programme. There were three scenarios for embattled prime minister; dissolving Parliament, resigning to pave the way for a new coalition government and resigning to result in formation of a national unity government. In the third scenario, Parliament will need to support an amendment of Article 171 of the Constitution, under which the prime minister must be a Member of Parliament.

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