Asian skills competition inThailand 2010 :IT/ Software Applications

IT/ Software Applications
This skill category covers various uses of Microsoft Office software (or similar) and graph programmes. Practical, mathematical and theoretical knowledge is required to use the software (such as the ERD model).

The major areas covered in this skillcategory are Word Processing, Databases, Spreadsheets and Presentation Graphics. Wor Processing covers planning, creating and editing documents according to an agreed standard, linking data from spreadsheets and databases and editing graphics to fit the documents. Word Processing also includes creating web pages. The use of macros will help with various tasks.
Database skills include designing and creating databases. Linking queries, reports and data imported from other programmes provides a powerful data management and reporting tool for industry and commerce. Macros are created to enable repetitive tasks. Spreadsheet skills include designing and creating complex spreadsheets that can be used to create graphs and Pivot tables. Data can be imported from databases, word processing, presentation graphics and web pages. Presentation graphics tasks involve drawing and editing images, graphics, voice, animation and video files. These will include scanning images and te and designing and creating slide shows.

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